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Which browsers can I use?
To fully utilize the site's features it is necessary to use Netscape 2.02 or Internet Explorer 3.02 (or equivalent) or higher. For AOL users, the minimum browser version that supports the interactive features is 3.0.

The reasons for this are:

  1. SSL (secure socket layer encryption) can be employed between the Right Stuff visitor's browser and the Right Stuff server. This enhances the privacy of communications.
  2. To submit membership information and to search the online bio database the browser must support 'forms' (e.g. text input boxes) and 'tables'.
  3. 'Cookies' can be used ensure proper use of the site. (Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies).

To determine which browser you are using:
For Windows users, select HELP from the browser menu; then select ABOUT. Your browser type and version number will be displayed. If using an Apple, go to the Apple menu and select ABOUT Netscape or ABOUT Internet Explorer.

How do I upgrade my browser?
Internet Explorer users can download the latest browser software form Microsoft's download site while Netscape users can visit the Netscape download area.

I do not use Netscape, Internet Explorer, or AOL. How do I know whether my particular browser should work on The Right Stuff Site?
If you are experiencing difficulties, you can visit a browser test site such as C.A.S.T. to see if the problem is with your particular setup or with the browser genre.

Why am I unable to send email to The Right Stuff?
If you click on a Right Stuff email link such as and nothing happens, it probably indicates that you have not configured your browser to send email. In that case, you must either open your email program and type in the address or, use the following mail form which does not require an email capability from your browser.

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