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For the following:

  • Answers to questions starting with "Your Physical Appearance" should not exceed an average of 30 to 35 words.
  • No individual answer should exceed 55-60 words.
How would your friends describe your physical appearance? Is there anything that you would like to add?
What are your hobbies and interests? (In order of importance)
Which are important to share?
What kind of vacations do you like?
How would you describe a perfect Sunday?
What do you read for leisure?
What are your social/political views?
How would you describe a good relationship?
The most important traits you look for in a companion?
What are the most important things you have to offer?

Important Information

Please answer the following questions
How did you find out about The Right Stuff?

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Proof Of Your Eligibility

You have a choice as to how you can verify your eligibility

Do you want us to verify your graduate status? Please provide your birth date in mm/dd/yr format? This WILL NOT be retained in our permanent records or kept on the web site at any time
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Provide the name that appears on your diploma, if it differs from the name on this application.

Do you have a student, faculty or alumni email address?
Please send an email from that address to info@rightstuffdating.com.
We will send you a confirmation email.

Do you have an email message from your TRS school that you can forward to us?
Please forward it to info@rightstuffdating.com.

Send by fax (973-783-5618), email (info@rightstuffdating.com) or postal mail
(PO Box 43419, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043) any of the following:
copy of your diploma,
copy of a page from an alumni or faculty directory that includes your name,
copy of your alumni or faculty card,
copy of your alumni magazine with computerized address label intact, any correspondence from the university indicating that you are a graduate or faculty member,
copy of your transcript. (Our eyes are blind to grades)

Your Photo Options

Please indicate how you want your photo displayed to other members on the web site.

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I am not providing a photo at this time

Please note: We do not display your photo to visitors of the web site.
Send your photo as an email attachment to info@rightstuffdating.com or provide it after you log on as a member at Add A Photo. Or send a photo to be scanned to PO Box 43419, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
Providing a photo is highly recommended.

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